Affordable housing


Copenhagen-based Leth & Gori used exposed clay blocks and raw plywood to create a maintenance-free interior for this house in Nyborg, Denmark

Brick House was designed as part of an initiative by philanthropic organisation Realdania to build six affordable residences in Nyborg – each by a different architect and each taking a different approach to sustainability. Leth & Gori’s single-storey building is designed to last 150 years and be aintenance-free for 50 years, using a single breathable material for the structure – clay. The exterior walls are brick, while insulating clay blocks line the interior, which have been left exposed in selected areas. Bare plywood lines the walls and ceiling above the exposed clay blocks, and has been treated with UV-protective sealant to preserve colour. The 136 sqm house centres around a large communal kitchen/living/ dining space. Wide full-height windows face south and west bringing more light into the three bedrooms and the bathroom surrounding the space.



Swedish build-to-let model


MUJI pre-fabricated housing – JAPAN

Affordable Housing in Japan

Micro Homes Offer Affordable Housing in Tokyo`s Downtown

Lessons from Japan: A comparative study of the market drivers for prefabrication in Japanese and UK private housing development

Click to access 5082.pdf

Presentation – Japanese Efforts to Supply Low Cost Housing: Hirohide KONAMI, Teikyo Heisei University Faculty of Modern Life

Click to access P8.pdf

UK multi-storey modular housing development

Murray Grove

Low cost housing in Bavaria


Low Cost Housing in South Africa – includes Newcastle

For an impressive list of projects completed and in the pipeline in Newcastle Kwazulu Natal – see

contact Councillor Matthew Shunmugam, Lead Member for Development and Planning –


Low Cost Accommodation in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

The City Hall of Municipality, Georgia has started to build two-storey new sandwich panel-style, high-quality buildings covering 400 square meters.
The buildings will be the largest asset for those lacking accommodation. More information – Levan Mikaberidze –

shelter for poor people

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