Equalities and Cohesion


“The Council asked how they could take fair decisions about planning and resource allocation in times of austerity, knowing that they would face budget cuts and diminished resources overall, but concerned about inequalities in Newcastle society. This work takes place in a context of long-standing inequalities and persistent poverty within the city – factors which are likely to be exacerbated by economic conditions. Poverty damages health, wellbeing and life chances and disparities breed resentment and mistrust.” Professor Chris Brink, Vice-Chancellor, Newcastle University. Listen to Professor Brink here on the Fairness Commission which he chaired: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/socialrenewal/engagement/fairnesscommission/



Newcastle upon Tyne is proud to be a welcoming city where people have historically sought sanctuary for many years. In more recent times, Newcastle was selected as a dispersal area for asylum seekers. Agencies within the city responded through developing projects, networks and awareness raising initiatives. We are thrilled that, through the work of these projects, many people with leave to remain choose to stay in the city.

However, even with our successes there is still more work to be done, more communities to be encouraged to welcome our new arrivals and more people to be supported during their time here. For this reason we decided to become a nationally recognised City of Sanctuary.

City of Sanctuary is a new initiative in Newcastle and has begun by launching the following two initiatives:
•Schools of Sanctuary
•Faith Groups of Sanctuary


INVOLVE UK – A Practical Framework

see also: https://www.involve.org.uk/resources/knowledge-base/resources/community-cohesion-and-participation-practical-framework







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