“Smart City”

This page is about how our Newcastles are using technology to bring greater efficencies and improved service to citizens and a greener way of working and living, but how it helps deliver the other main objectives that we as Newcastles have set for ourselves around culture, tourism, education and attractiveness to business investment.

“Smart City” will be the main theme for our 2020 Newcastles of the World conference in Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Mapping Newcastle, Australia’s iconic street art online with a new online tool

Where can you take a seat in the Lord Mayor’s chair, fight off a giant tyrannosaurus rex and have your mugshot taken as yourcity’s ‘most wanted’ – all in the same day? It’s in Newcastle New South Wales, and the city’s iconic street art provide visitors and Novocastrians alike with fun, interactive experiences.





But few know exactly where all these amazing artworks live – and that’s where the ‘Pin the City’ project comes in. It’s a new, interactive online mapping tool that uses people power to pin the locations of their favourite works to a virtual map and create conversation around it. See https://newcastle.mysocialpinpoint.com/art-mapping#/
Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the Pin the City project was part of Council’s aim to showcase the city’s most prized public assets – our people and their talents – to the world. “Public art is an important part of the city’s changing landscape,” the Lord Mayor said. “It tells a story, brings life to our streets and creates a thriving, inclusive and happy community where people are able to express themselves and their creative licenses.”
“So the next time you’re posing in front of a life-size painting or passing a brightly emblazoned mural or mosaic, make sure you stop, snap and send it to the Pin the City board for the whole world to see.” Once you upload an image of an artwork and it’s live, a pin will appear showing users where it lives, and you will have made a great contribution to the city’s ever-evolving art scene.