Our 20th Anniversary Conference, Shinshiro, Japan , October 2018









Provisional programme 2018 NCW Conference

On behalf of Shinshiro City, we are pleased to invite you and other representatives of your Newcastle to the 20th Anniversary Conference of the Newcastles of the World Alliance that will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of October 2018.
We will be discussing the potential for development of our Alliance for the next 20 years especially in new and stronger collaborations and exchanges in education, culture, business and tourism. The registration fee for the conference is 100’000 Japanese Yen (~ $930 USD/ ~€ 756) per person. This registration fee includes accommodation, meals, workshops, many cultural activities and a visit to the extraordinary world heritage site of Kyoto. If you have any questions about the conference please contact Rumi or David Faulkner – see below

If you may be interested in  attending then please first of all advise your contact in your “Newcastles” – see link below – or Rumi Matsushita at newcastle@city.shinshiro.lg.jp, or David Faulkner at newcastlesoftheworld@gmail.com




Newcastles Passport offers special welcome to visitors

The Newcastles Passport scheme has launched, promoting tourism and friendship between Newcastles around the world.

Each Newcastle taking part has carefully selected a series of special offers just for visitors from other Newcastles. These could be a customised programme if the visitor has any special interests – places to visit or people to meet, or special discounts from local businesses.

Visitors sign up for a free ‘Passport’ through the website, then get in touch with the Newcastle they wish to visit. Each Newcastle is committed to offering a personalised touch, with a warm and friendly welcome to anyone living or from an affiliated Newcastle.

Exclusive offers include:

  • Invite to a tea-making ceremony in Shinshiro, Japan
  • Meet the Mayor of Neuburg, Germany
  • Free chocolate gifts from Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • Guided Amish tours of New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • Dine with a host family in Shinshiro, Japan

The scheme is ran by Newcastles of the World, the body which brings together over 100 Newcastles from around the globe to promote friendship, tourism and collaboration between areas and will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 with a conference in Shinshiro City, Japan.

Zélie Guérin, Director of International Newcastle which is secretariat for the project said of the scheme:

“We’re delighted to launch the Newcastles Passport, which will help visitors experience the tremendous welcome and different cultures of the Newcastles across the world.  It’s a great opportunity, which we invite you to join us in.”

David Faulkner, Co-ordinator of Newcastles of the World, said:

“This important step will promote tourism between our Newcastles and builds on the work already done in the fields of culture and education. It’s a friendship alliance between people and groups in communities that share the name “Newcastle” whatever their language, with real tangible benefits available through working together.”

To find out more about the Newcastle Passport visit: www.newcastlesoftheworld.com/projects/passport

A great conference in Canada !

A big thank you to our friends in the lovely town of Newcastle, Ontario, Canada for hosting our conference in September – it was the best yet, very well-attended, with great discussion and ideas, and a lot of fun making new friends and enjoying new experiences.

Here’s the report of the conference:


And here’s our group photo and below it the story of the conference as told in the local newspaper The Orono Times and other records of the event.






Here’s to the next time – in Shinshiro, October 2018 !