Dates for 2014 announced by Nové Hrady

The next gathering of the Newcastles of the World will be in the town of Nové Hrady in the Czech Republic from Monday 28 April 2014 until the closing dinner on Saturday 3 May.

We know that Mayor Vladimir Hokr and his organising team are already into detailed planning, and we’ll have a wonderful time in this beautiful small town in South Bohemia, just one km from the Austrian border.

Coaches will be put on to bring delegates from Prague airport on both Monday 28th daytime or the afternoon of Sunday 27th, but for anyone who wants to arrive earlier there will be events in Nové Hrady to enjoy over the weekend of 26/27.

At the end of the summit, Nové Hrady would wish to encourage delegates to visit the other Nové Hrady in the Czech Republic (Zamek Nové Hrady in Pardubice area on the way back to Prague, east of the capital). Transport will be put on if needed. Delegates can then go on to Prague for late afternoon flights or stay in Zamek Nové Hrady or Prague overnight and fly on Monday 5th

Registration details for the conference will be available soon, via this website linked to a dedicated website for the event. Nové Hrady will also be giving us details of the main theme for the conference discussions.

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