Shinshiro, Japan

Here are two films about Shinshiro City – the first is 5 minutes long with lovely images, the second is 20 minutes long with a narrative in English

Shinshiro City images – 5 minutes

20 minute film about Shinshiro City

And here in Japanese

And here is a new film about the wonderful nature that you can see in and around Shinshiro:

Country – Japan

Town/City – Shinshiro City

Location – Shinshiro is located in the east of Aichi prefecture and borders Shizuoka prefecture to the east.

Population – 44,526 (December 2021)

Brief Description – Much of the northern and eastern portion of the city area is covered in mountains and forest. It covers an area of 499 km2. Shinshiro Town was proclaimed in 1889 and Shinshiro City in 1958.

Industry – Shinshiro is a regional commercial centre, with the economy of concentrated on agriculture and light manufacturing.

Culture/Sport – Shinshiro Paraglider Cup (Summer); Tour de Shinshiro Cycle Race (July); Shinshiro Rally (November); Sakua Festival; Fireworks of Summer Festival; ‘Sumakan’ Country Festival; TennouMatsuri Festival; Takiginoh (Noh in the firelight); Festival of Tominaga Shrine; Kabuki of Shinshiro; Maple Festival; Hanekomi dance

Tourism – Nagashino Castle; Noda Castle; Sakurabuchi Park; Mt.Houraiji; Ayu Falls; Seven Waterfalls of Adera; Waterfall of Narusawa; Coloured Leaves of Tomoe River; Sight Seeing Guid

Education Aichi Shinshiro Otani University (private university established in 1999)

Mayor  Hiroyuki Shimoe (since 2021)

Chief Executive – Contact :

Website –

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