Neuchâtel, Switzerland



The city of Neuchâtel is located in the northwest of Switzerland, on the northern shore of Neuchâtel’s Lake, midway between Geneva and Zurich. It is the capital of the canton of Neuchâtel.


Approximately 44,000 inhabitants.

Brief description:

Ideally situated between the lake and the Jura mountain range in an area of 18 km2, Neuchâtel has a history dating back more than a thousand years and a long tradition of openness to the world. It is part of the international network of intercultural cities of the Council of Europe. Its slogan is “Spirit of openness, land of innovation”. With its recently-extended boundaries, and its ambition to stimulate the dynamism of its districts, Neuchâtel is a diverse and attractive city.


Thanks to its microtechnology activities – Microcity, the EPFL and the CSEM – Neuchâtel is a centre of innovation with an international reputation, and has been for more than two centuries, thanks in particular to watchmaking, of which the canton is the cradle. The chocolate brand Suchard was born in Neuchâtel, where the first quartz watch was also designed. With its University and University of Applied Sciences, the city continues as a centre of excellence in education and research, and the campus offers a pleasant living environment conducive to study.


The numerous museums (Natural History Museum, Museum of Art and History, Museum of Ethnography, The Centre Dürrenmatt), festivals (Fête des Vendanges, Festi’neuch, NIFFF, Buskers Festival) as well as sports facilities make Neuchâtel a fantastic and popular place for culture and leisure. Its thousand-year-old old town centre, with its historic buildings built in the emblematic Hauterive yellow stone, invites you to explore and to stroll through the shopping streets.


The two main tourist attractions are the Castle and the Collegiate Church, which can be visited, and the lake, which offers walks, water sports and beautiful beaches. The town of Valangin and its castle, which is also a museum (Musée et Château de Valangin), is also a very popular place for tourists. In its restaurants, on the lakeside terrace or on the Place des Halles, Neuchâtel offers quality local gastronomy. The markets in Neuchâtel, Peseux and Valangin offer delicious local products. Through its forests and parks, Neuchâtel is also a city in the middle of nature, beautiful in all seasons, from the lake to the heights of Chaumont or the Vallon de l’Ermitage. For more information, visit the Neuchâtel Tourism website.


Arcinfo, RTN and Canal Alpha are the main regional media. RTS is the national public media.


The authorities of the commune comprise an executive composed of five members, the Conseil communal, and a local parliament, called the Conseil général. They are elected by residents every four years. The presidency of the Communal Council rotates each year.


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