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On this page you can access information about a number of our projects.

To date our major arts project has been part of the Slovak City of Culture programme in Nové Zámky, our Newcastle in that country.  This link tells you more about the Biennial Zámky exhibition, an exhibition of 19 digital artists from 14 cities linked through Newcastles of the World – created in the second half of 2020, with live-streamed launch on YouTube, on display through to January 2021, with continuing online access.

BIENÁLE ZÁMKY – Vzdušné Zámky (


If you’re an artist, and interested in artistic production and collaboration, why not join our Newcastles of the World Artists Together Facebook group?

We are also connecting Castle Managers and others whose heritage and tourism responsibilities are associated with their castles, the history of the castles and with the running of castle museums.  Check out this page –


Here is a collection of poems from people in several different Newcastles and published in our “Proud to Call It Home”anthology

Proud to Call It Home – Newcastle




“THIS IS MY HOME NEWCASTLE” – check out the films below – the same tune, but different words created by different Newcastles  Newcastle upon Tyne version    Newcastle upon Tyne Schools   Canada    Australia   Shinshiro  Neuchatel – instrumental

Lyrics from Newcastle upon Tyne version



Note: this is a large file of over 150MB and takes a few minutes to download

Two Newcastles

Two Newcastles is a co production between Curious Monkey theatre company, Newcastle UK and Newcastle Arts Development Organisation from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  It’s a flagship cultural project for Newcastles of the World, an alliance of all of the places in the world that share the name Newcastle. The project is supported by International Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

The artists met at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown South Africa 2015 where Curious Monkey were running the Remix Laboratory in partnership with the Swallows Foundation UK. After a brilliant 10 days working together, the artists knew they wanted to take their collaboration further. In 2016 artists from NADO visited North East England to work with the UK cast on research and development for the new show. The UK artists visited South Africa in early 2018 to continue the exchange, after running workshops in schools and in hospitals to gather stories and share songs about what it means to live or be from the northeast of England. The show subsequently toured in the northeast and in South Africa. For more information see

Two Newcastles — Curious Monkey (

We’ve had a wonderful time together, full of rich ideas, new songs and an epic narrative that we have created. We wanted to tell a universal story of someone who goes from one world to another, who experiences that new world, its ups, its downs, and then goes home again, fuller. We are two groups from opposites sides of the world that share a name, and finding a way to encapsulate that in a story is a mammoth task. It feels like we are edging closer”.


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