Jaunpils, Latvia

Jaunpils, Latvia

Jaunpils, Latvia


Jaunpils Municipality

 “Ergelnieki”, Jaunpils, LV-3145, Latvia, Tel: +371 63107069, Fax: +371 63107068

Home page: http://www.jaunpils.lv   E-mail: pasvaldiba@jaunpils.lv                                              Mayor Mrs Ligite Ginere   ligita.gintere@jaunpils.lv

Population: 2 767 inhabitants Area: 209 km2

Contact (english-speaking) Baiba Rasa : baiba.rasa@jaunpils.lv

 About the municipality

Jaunpils municipality was established in 2009, amalgamating former Jaunpils and Viesati rural municipalities. The symbol of Jaunpils municipality is the medieval castle from the 14th century, which is the property of the municipality. The Castle not only performs the functions of culture house and library, but also hosts numerous thematic and professional events being a great tourism attraction. The castle together with Jaunpils Lutheran church from 1592, Watermill (built in 1802) and the Swedish Wall (build in 1618 – 1648) forms the cultural historical centre of Jaunpils.

There is one secondary school, children’s day care centre, two culture houses, two libraries, museum and a sports centre.

Local amateur groups, artists, sports teams and active local society groups can be proud of several successful projects and activities, as well as close cooperation with local policy makers. Sport is one of the main free time activities for all generations in Jaunpils– starting with basketball, football and volleyball, ending with floor ball and orienteering, chess and street gymnastics. Jaunpils has five folk dance groups, two choirs and a senior line-dancing group.

The municipality tries to ensure the necessary health care in its territory. The economics is based on agriculture and food production, but there are also other successful small and medium-sized enterprises.

Partner towns

Dusheti town (დუშეთი), Georgia

Perano, Italy

NGOs in Jaunpils municipality:

–       Youth Association “Levestes spicie” (all municipality area, international and local activities, projects for youth social inclusion, foster family support network, various free time activities, intergenerational work etc.)

–       Youth Association “Ūdensroze” (based in Viesatas parish for local youth empowerment)

–       Association “Jaunpils regional development centre “Rats””

–       Association “Dzīpars” (weavers)

–       Association “Jaunpils Sports Club”

–       Hunters’ Association “Jaunpils”

–       Tukums Gardening Association Jaunpils division

–       Union of pensioners „Jaunpils”

–       Association „Rural Partnership “Upe-8″”(Jaunpils is the headquarters of the 7 municipalities united in this partnership. Themes are various with the main idea of rural development)

–       Association „Kamenes” (local civic society activism, local history research, traditional Latvian culture activities, local women empowerment)

–       Jaunpils Evangelic Lutheran Congregation

–       Association of seniors „Jaunpils”

Jaunpils castle

Jaunpils castle was built in 1301 as a water stronghold for the Livonian Order – encircled from three sides by the mill pond. The history of Jaunpils castle is very interesting and mirrors many pages from famous Courland history. In 1559 the castle was given as a present to Thiess von der Rekke for his great contribution to the Order. The castle stayed in the von der Rekke family until 1922.

The castle was build with an inner yard and a cloister; the most notable renovations were made in 1647 and in 1906-1907 after the castle was burned down. Jaunpils is one of the rare Livonian order castles in Latvia that has been very well preserved and has not significantly changed its appearance over the course of time.

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