We have a number of exciting projects linked through the theme of education. Read on to find out about (1) our video project for young people called ‘My Newcastle’, (2) the Education Exchange project promoting links between schools and (3) by clicking on the link at the foot of the page or accessing under the drop-down menu to this page, the case study of the work placement of Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne) student Chris Brownhill in Shinshiro, Japan.

My Newcastle

What makes your Newcastle special to you?

Students aged 12+ are telling the story of their own Newcastle by creating videos to show what it’s like to live and study there.

Nyborg is leading on the ‘My Newcastle’ video production school project. You can view the films made so far on our My Newcastle YouTube Channel and read more about them below.  The aim of the project is for students to learn from other Newcastles about what it’s like to live and study there.

Nyborg, Denmark

Nyborg is a city in the centre of Denmark with a great history. In the early 16th century, Nyborg was the first capital of Denmark. In the video you will meet Twana, Lauge and Tristian, grade 9 pupils from Birkhovedskolen, as well as Carsten, the principal at Birkhovedskolen, Mette the School librarian and Kenneth – the mayor at Nyborg Municipality.

Shinshiro, Japan – our history and nature

In this video, you will learn about the beautiful nature around Shinshiro in Japan. You will discover a lot about the fascinating history, which is attached to our Japanese “Newcastle”. And please have a look at the delicious, chargrilled rice cakes 🙂

Filmed by High School students in Shinshiro and produced by the city and Shinshiro International Exchange Association.

Shinshiro, Japan – Student life

Here you will learn about student life in Shinshiro, Japan. Join a home cooking lesson, listen to a lecture from a Hiroshima Bombing Survivor and find out why students in Shinshiro wear slippers in classes 🙂

Filmed by the Volunteer Club, Yokyokan High School and the city of Shinshiro.  Produced by the city of Shinshiro.

Neuburg, Germany

Neuburg’s movie takes you into the history of Neuburg an der Donau.  The students enjoy going to the old town (“Altstadt”), with its mix of medieval buildings and modern café culture shopping area.  They introduce you to typical German/Bavarian food and to some great events, which everyone gets involved in.

Filmed by the students of Maria Ward Schule, an all girls junior high school in Neuburg.

Nové Zámky, Slovakia

Richard Prutkay, final year student at Nové Zámky’s Higher Secondary Grammar School / Gymnázium led the video production for this film, collaborating with his fellow students to make the film, so that young people in other Newcastles can learn about their city. He also uses these skills when working as a cameraman and reporter for Nové Zámky TV. The students that we meet in the film attend the English class of Ildiko Luzsiczova.

Get involved

Martin Stenmann

Martin Stenmann from Nyborg, said:  “We are keen for students aged 12+ in more of the Alliance’s schools to get involved.  Tell us what is special about your Newcastle through the ‘My Newcastle’ video production school project.”

To find out more about getting involved contact Zelie Guerin, NOTW Project Director –

Education Exchange project – linking Newcastles’ teachers and students across the world 

Using our bespoke online communications platform, ‘Channel Newcastles’, we are introducing secondary schools to each other. There are exciting opportunities here. A school in one Newcastle can develop virtual links with a school in another Newcastle. This project has potential for actual school exchanges after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The objective is for students to build friendships at an international level, to experience each other’s cultures and languages, and for schools to connect these opportunities with learning objectives. Currently, schools in Neuburg, Germany and Nové Zámky, Slovakia are seeking links with other Newcastles via the online platform.

To get involved contact us at

Photography exhibition

Taking advantage of making virtual links, the Secretariat has enabled Newcastle upon Tyne’s Newcastle City Learning – Westgate Community College to connect with Shinshiro High School, Japan and Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa. The three Newcastles are collaborating on a photography project:  A Day in the Life of Newcastle’.

This successful project has led so far to photography exhibitions being displayed at Shinshiro City Library, Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Newcastle upon Tyne’s City Library.  Find out more about the project

CASE STUDY: Work Placement in Shinshiro