‘LEARNING FROM OTHER NEWCASTLES’ :  a YouTube Channel school project led by Nyborg, Denmark

Learning from Other Newcastles

We are delighted to launch the “Learning from other Newcastles” video project.  Martin Stenmann, Nyborg, Denmark, is leading on this project.

Pupils in Nyborg have created the first “Learning from other Newcastles” video, with Martin’s guidance. Here is the link –

We have created a special Newcastles of the World YouTube channel for each Newcastle’s video to be stored on, enabling public viewing of the videos.

Martin said: “Schools will create a film, which tells a specific story of their country and city. The purpose is to encourage learning about and between our Newcastles through the creation of movies by students (aged 12 to 16 years). The pupils decide on the content according to specific guidelines. The videos can contribute to building closer links between our cities by establishing new friendships between pupils/classes across the world.

The videos is released on our new You Tube-channel “Learning from other Newcastles.” In the first film you will learn about Nyborg: a city in the middle of Denmark with a great history. In the Middle Ages Nyborg was the first capital of Denmark. The first national constitution was signed at Nyborg Castle in 1282. In the video you will meet Twana, Lauge and Tristian, grade 9 pupils from Birkhovedskolen. You will meet Carsten, the principal at Birkhovedskolen, Mette the School librarian and Kenneth – the mayor in Nyborg Municipality with 32.000 inhabitants. Finally, you will see a greeting from the city council members.”

Newcastles of the World Project Director Zélie Guérin says: “We invite each Newcastle to make your own video, to share across Newcastles on the Youtube channel. We need to hear from you next, letting us know when you can schedule your Newcastle’s video. Please reply to Martin and myself, using the Newcastles of the World online communication tool (Slack). If you have queries, please put them on the Slack channel. Even if you’re not directly involved in the world of education, please use your own contacts to encourage local schools to come on board – let’s give Martin and colleagues the support they deserve for all their work in getting us moving !

Here is the film made by young people in Shinshiro, our “Newcastle” in Japan – here you will learn about the beautiful nature around Shinshiro in Japan. You will discover a lot about the fascinating history which is attached  to our Japanese “Newcastle”. And have a look at the delicious, chargrilled rice cakes !  This video is filmed by High School students in Shinshiro and produced by the city


“EDUCATION EXCHANGE”  – an online platform to facilitate communication and cooperation: leading to exchanges of teachers, students, pupils

Our Newcastles of the World “SCHOOL EXCHANGES” project is also now underway. This provides a tremendous opportunity for secondary level schools across Newcastles to develop links with each other via our online communications platform. The Secretariat provides an introduction service via the online platform – contact us on It’s a very user-friendly platform! Participating schools can progress to create their joint projects, which could include e-projects, as well as the potential for teacher / pupil exchanges. Calling secondary level schools across Newcastles to come and join us in making this project a great success!



Global Schools

We have available programme material that can support the partnering of schools. Partnering is a great way for children to learn about people from other places, whilst feeling a common bond – we share a name! With support from educationalists we gathered resources into educational pack for teachers to support their work in the classroom – as well as a chance to correspond and share work online and in person.

In 2012 we ran a pilot project and connected 12 UK schools with an overseas Newcastle. Children learned about the traditions and customs from Japan, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, France, Georgia, Romania, Latvia and the USA producing projects in Geography, Science, Languages, Art and Music. Schools also made welcome banners and paintings for the delegates of the 2012 conference and we processed through the streets of Newcastle with our banners and flags, singing songs and learning dances from all over the world.