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This section of the website is for the young people of the different Newcastles to provide information about their youth councils and parliaments, other youth activities in their towns and cities – and to share links to their own social media sites so that they can be in touch with each other.   This section also covers Newcastles of the World’s own youth conferences.

We are happy to share information about how our Newcastles engage with young people in their towns and cities – this example is from Jaunpils, our Newcastle in Latvia. JaunpilsYoungsers.pdf   

Below are a few of the many interesting slides from the presentation:

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See also the Education section of the website for information about school-based projects of Newcastles of the World

Connecstle – youth travel and tourism app!

Connecstle provides a fantastic opportunity to connect youths in our Newcastles.  We’ve created a brand new app prototype, web-based to begin with.  The app has a range of categories, showing great places to visit in our individual Newcastles. The posts and photos give our youth perspective on must-see places and must-have experiences, to encourage you to travel to our Newcastle.

Connecstle will link to the Newcastles Passport, – insert Passport link -, with its special tourism offers and cultural experiences for citizens of Newcastles.  A future feature of the app will be a self-managed homestay scheme for youths to stay in each other homes, when travelling across Newcastles.  The scheme is under development.

Neuchâtel, Shinshiro and the Secretariat are the project leads, working closely together.  Nicola Spoletini, Neuchâtel, heads up the global youth working group.  Nicola said:  “We’re working towards making Connecstle go live, getting everything in place, to be ready to launch it. Sadly Covid-19 is impacting across the world, so we won’t launch during this time.  However, we will be able to travel to each other’s Newcastles in the future.  So, we’re really looking forward to the time when Connecstle can become your go-to youth travel and tourism app!”



Newcastles of the World Youth Conference December 2017

Some very nice images here of the 2017 Youth Conference in Japan – in Latvian, with interviews of delegates from Jaunpils:



Nyborg Youth Council, Denmark

Screenshot (11)


About Shinshiro-shi Youth Assembly

_DSC75391 _DSC9763


Parlement des Jeunes de la Ville de Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Check out


Jugendparlament   Neuburg an der Donau

Contact Julia Klier – Jugendparlament coordinator

Lead city councillor for young people – Doris Stöckl


Newcastle, Australia Youth Council

Newcastle Youth Council (NYC) is a Strategic Advisory Committee of City of Newcastle and provides an opportunity for young people between 15 and 25 to participate in an organisation that recognises the importance of giving young people a forum to discuss and provide input into local community issues.


For more information email


Durham Youth Council, Canada (includes Newcastle/Clarington)



Newcastle, KZN, South Africa   :

branch of National Youth Development Agency



Newcastle upon Tyne Youth Democracy Group

2019-11-11 (2)

see –

for more information contact Vicky Hartley, Newcastle City Council –, or Louise Cameron –

The Youth Democracy Group is made up of three groups of young people aged between 11 to 18 years of age:

Youth Assembly:
This is an open group for young people aged 11 to 18 years old who live, learn and work in Newcastle. This is a forum for young people to share their views, influence and shape service delivery, for example, schools, parks, transport, housing etc. The group is open, accessible and flexible. Members of this group will be referred to as Youth Representatives.
Newcastle Youth Council:
There are 18 young people aged between 11 to 18 years who have been elected by their peers to represent young people’s priorities on a local and regional platform on Newcastle Youth Council. A Youth Councillor’s term of office is two years; they will champion an identified portfolio of work and campaign on behalf of young people in Newcastle on identified priorities. Members of this group will be referred to as Youth Leaders.
Youth Parliament:
Members of this group are serving Youth Councillors.
Two young people aged between 11 to 18 years who have been elected by their peers to represent the city on a national forum as Members of Youth Parliament (MYP).
The Members of Youth Parliament’s term of office is one year. Members of this group support the national and regional priorities and the Make your Mark campaign.
Members of this group will be referred to as Youth Leaders.

To contact the Youth Leaders email

See sample updates on the team’s work –


Newcastle upon Tyne has been selected to become one of the UK’s first child friendly cities. A three year partnership will see Newcastle working to become a child friendly city – a place that puts children’s rights at the heart of the city and proudly supports all children to grow up healthy, safe and resilient.

See –

and also this film where the members of the Youth Democracy Group tell the story


Read here about opportunities to work and study in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne – InterNations and International House


“Global schools” was our first programme to help connect schools in different Newcastles.

Global Schools

With support from educationalists we compiled resources and an educational pack for teachers to support their work in the classroom – as well as a chance to correspond and share work online and in person. Several schools signed up to the programme.
In 2012 we ran a pilot project and connected 12 UK schools with an overseas Newcastle. Children learned about the traditions and customs from Japan, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, France, Georgia, Romania, Latvia and the USA producing projects in Geography, Science, Languages, Art and Music. Schools also made welcome banners and paintings for the delegates of the 2012 conference and we processed through the streets of Newcastle with our banners and flags, singing songs and learning dances from all over the world.

For more information, please email, tell us a little bit about your school and what connections you are looking for.



Interreg Volunteer Youth

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