Youth Section

Here we have the latest news about the projects we’re developing focused on young people including our new Connecstle app to encourage travel, and our special youth conferences.

We also have links to all the different Newcastles’ youth councils and parliaments.

Connecstle – our new youth travel and tourism app!

Connecstle is our project to develop an app to connect young people in our Newcastles and encourage travel between them. We’re creating the prototype app to show great places to visit in our individual Newcastles. The content is being created by our young people and gives their perspective on must-see places and must-do experiences, to encourage you to travel to our Newcastles.

We plan to launch the app at our next conference – date to be arranged. Watch this space!

Connecstle will link to the Newcastles Passport, with its special tourism offers and cultural experiences for citizens of Newcastles. A proposed future feature of the app will be a self-managed homestay scheme for youths to stay in each other homes, when travelling across Newcastles.

Neuchâtel, Shinshiro and the Secretariat are the project leads, working closely together.

Nicola Spoletini, Neuchâtel, heads up the global youth working group.

Nicola said:
“We’re working towards making Connecstle go live, getting everything in place, to be ready to launch it. Sadly Covid-19 is impacting across the world, so we won’t launch during this time. However, we will be able to travel to each other’s Newcastles in the future. So, we’re really looking forward to the time when Connecstle can become your go-to youth travel and tourism app!”

Our Youth Conferences


Photo: 2017 Youth Conference in Japan

Our first youth conference was held in 2017 in Shinshiro, Japan.

As part of the main conferences, youth conferences were also held in Newcastle – England, Nové Hrady – Czech Republic, abd Newcastle – Ontario, Canada.

Read more about our youth conferences 


Newcastle Youth Parliaments and Councils

Many of our Newcastles have their own Youth Parliaments and Councils. These forums give young people a place to discuss and provide input into local community issues. We’ve gathered links to them here below.

Nyborg Youth Council, Denmark

Shinshiro-shi Youth Assembly

Screenshot (395)

Parlement des Jeunes de la Ville de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Jugendparlament Neuburg an der Donau

Contact Julia Klier – Jugendparlament coordinator

Lead city councillor for young people – Doris Stöckl

Newcastle, Australia Youth Council

Durham Youth Council, Canada (includes Newcastle/Clarington)

Newcastle, KZN, South Africa

Newcastle upon Tyne Youth Democracy Group (England)

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