Neuburg an der Donau, Germany

Here’s a new film that features the beautiful city of Neuburg an der Donau

And check out this film about Neuburg:

Country Germany
Town/City Neuburg an der Donau
Location Situated on the Danube, the town is the capital of the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen district in the state of Bavaria in Germany.
Population 30,340 (December 2019)
Brief Description Neuburg was the capital of Palatinate-Neuburg. On 30 June 1972, Neuburg an der Donau became a Grosse Kreisstadt (similar to a county seat).  It covers an area of 81.32 km2and is an up-and-coming medium sized central city.
Industry Automotive supplies, packaging and logistics, glass manufacturing, car care and raw materials processing.
Culture/Sport The Renaissance Ducal Palace: Neuburg Castle (houses several museums including a Baroque gallery of the Bavarian State Picture Collection and the Neuburg an der Donau Castle Archaeology Museum); Chamber Opera; Birdland Jazz Club Neuburg is one of the best locations for jazz in Germany
Tourism Encompassed by flat marshes and low mountain ranges, lowland forests and hill country, Neuburg is an appealing destination for bikers and nature lovers.
Education East Final School; Paul Winter Six-Form High School for Boys; Maria Ward Six-Form High School for Girls; Descartes High School
Mayor / Contact Details Dr Bernhard Gmehling:
Chief Executive / Contact Details  Ralf Rick;

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