Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Herceg Novi is a coastal town in Montenegro situated at the foot of Mount Orjen and at the entrance to the beautiful and dramatic Bay of Kotor, the southernmost fjord in Europe and the deepest in the Mediterranean.

It’s one of the youngest cities on the Adriatic, formerly part of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice; its history of varied occupations has created a blend of diverse and picturesque architectural styles

Herceg Novi is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the municipality bordering Croatia and Serbia – 16,000 of the municipality’s 32,000 population live in the city.

It’s called “sun city” because of its vegetation, sun and culture. Other Mediterranean cities live only in summer, but Herceg Novi lives all year round. That’s why it has another reputation – a city of award-winning festivals and cultural events. The oldest event, the annual Mimosa festival, is a winner of the international “golden heart” for best tourism award.

Tourism is at the heart of the city’s economy. The city is developing eco-tourism, sport tourism (including winter sports) and conferences, with attractions of gastronomy, wine, and the varied plant and animal species. There is capacity of around 6000 beds plus 20 campsites with capacity for over 600 vehicles.

The main attractions are castle Forte Mare built in 1382, the clock tower from the 19th century, the Kanli tower built by the Turks, and the Serbian church St. Michael Archangel.

Industry is of relatively lesser importance, with a small industrial/storage) zone and a shipyard in Bijela, the largest maintenance and repair shipyard dock in Montenegro.

Herceg Novi is less than 25km from two international airports. The city is part of a Fraternity Charter with 11 municipalities, and it also has 14 ”friends” municipalities, so has been active in fostering international cooperation.


Website – http://www.hercegnovi.me/en/

Mayor, Herceg Novi, Montenegro – Stevan Katić, Municipality of Herceg Novi, Trg Maršala Tita 2, 85340 Herceg Novi, +382 (0) 31 321 052, telephone fax: +382 (0) 31 323 517; email – kabinet@hercegnovi.me

Newcastles of the World contact – Ivan Otovic,  Office for International Cooperation; email – ivan.otovic@hercegnovi.me.    Telephone 031/323 044; 031/321 052