Meet the Team – Zelie and David

Zélie Guérin is project manager taking forward  the programme of activity agreed by the Mayors of the different Newcastles when they meet in conference.

David Faulkner stays responsible for the overall programme delivery and its reporting to the mayors.

C-Head & Shoulders







Zélie has been an Associate with International Newcastle (the Newcastle upon Tyne international networking organisation) since 2013 and is now Director: see

She is fluent in French and German, and ran the Regional Language Network between 2002 and 2011 for development agency One NorthEast. Before that she was at Newcastle City Council as International Relations Adviser, and earlier as Senior Careers Adviser responsible for Education/Industry links. She was a member of the Newcastles of the World “welcome” team for the 2012 Conference.

Contact: (for project management, tourism, business)






David Faulkner coordinates the work of Newcastles of the World on behalf of the mayors and other leaders of the towns and cities that make up the network. He was a councillor in Newcastle upon Tyne from 2004-18 and was Leader of the Council in 2010/11. He is also a director of International Newcastle, and runs a cultural and heritage organisation called Waka Waka Africa North East.

Contact: or



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