Radio Stations in different “Newcastles”

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You can then rotate the globe and tune in to radio stations across the world. The spots on the map increase in size with the number of broadcasters available in that location. Over 8000 stations are able to be accessed by data packets (streaming). The site interface is a three-dimensional geolocation.


To make it easier for you we’ve selected stations in or close to our main partner “Newcastles” (below) for you to tune in to !

Newcastle, South Africa – Lit Radio

Newcastle Australia – Raw FM

Newcastle Australia –  Rhema FM

Kota Bharu, Malaysia – Radio Klatekita  –

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom – BBC Radio Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom – TFM Radio

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom – Spice FM (mainly South Asian –

Nyborg, Denmark –  Radio DR P4 Fyn, Odense –

Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Radio HN –

Neuchâtel, Switzerland,  RTN Neuchâtel

Jaunpils, Latvia – Lounge FM 99.5

Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom – BBC Radio Stoke –

New Castle, Indiana, USA –  WWHI – WCRD 91.3 FM  –

Newcastle, Pennsylvania, USA – AM600 WSOM –

Newcastle, Canada – Radio CKDO, Oshawa, Canada –

Akhaltsikhe, Georgia –  Radio Nor FM 100.1

 and  Radio Gipa FM 94.3

Neuburg an der Donau, Germany – volXmusik

Nove Hrady, Czech Republic –   ČRo České Budějovice –

Nove Zamky, Slovakia –  Radio Plus, Nitra –

Shinshiro, Japan – FM Haro! 76.1 –