Can you sponsor a student in our Newcastle in South Africa?

There are many worthy young students in Newcastle, South Africa who have the potential to develop and improve themselves by further study for vocational and other qualifications but who lack the funding from their families to support their studies.

In a number of cases the previously disadvantaged students qualify for bursaries from other institutions that cover their studies. These bursaries however only become effective when the student has registered. These disadvantaged students do not have the money to pay the registration fee and a number of students with very good potential are deprived of the opportunity to further their studies with a formal bursary because they could not afford to pay the registration fee.

The Newcastle Municipality has therefore implemented a scheme where they assist these students to pay for their registration fee. The Municipality however only has a limited budget for this and there are many more students than the funds available.

The Mayor has championed an appeal to companies and individuals to act as sponsors by paying the registration fee. The amount per student is 3000 rand (this is approximately 225 Euros, 260 US dollars or 170 UK pounds but should be sent as rands).

SA Students






Last year, individuals in Newcastle upon Tyne supported five students in this way. It would be wonderful if other people or groups in other Newcastles might be able to sponsor one or more students in our sister Newcastle in this way.

The contact for more information or procedural questions is Sphiwe Mazibuko in the Bursaries Office at Newcastle Municipality, email, tel + 27 (0) 343127777 or cellphone + 27 (0) 818144108

You would need to make an international bank transfer from your account to UNISA (the University of South Africa). The contact there is Elna Schwartz in the UNISA Department of Finance – Your covering note should say “Study Fees – Newcastle, KZN”. The sponsor should send an email to Elna with the proof of the payment.

You will be given the name(s) of the student(s) that you sponsor. Do help if you can !

Newcastle NSW hosts Asian Cup

Newcastle, New South Wales is hosting four matches in the Asian Cup football tournament.






The tournament started on 9 January, with a great win for the host nation, 4-1 over Kuwait. The first match for Newcastle’s 33,000 capacity Hunter stadium is 15 January, Oman v Kuwait, followed by Japan (one of the top-ranked teams) v Palestine on 22 January. Next is a prestigious semi-final on 27 January and the third place play-off on 30 January. The 2015 AFC Asian Cup is be the 16th edition of the AFC Asian Cup, an international football tournament organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). For the first time in its history, the tournament is hosted outside the continent of Asia, with Australia being an AFC member. The winner of the tournament will earn the right to compete for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, which is to be hosted by Russia.