The Newcastles of the World digital arts exhibition in Nové Zámky, our Newcastle in Slovakia, features 18 different artists from 13 “Newcastles”. The Biennial Zámky exhibition of film, video and photography opened on December 17th 2020, running until 31 January.

The exhibition was opened online on Facebook – you can see curator Magdalena Klobučníkova’s introduction of the exhibition at

On the link there is also a profile of all the artists who are involved in the project – we appreciate their interest and commitment, and we hope that this may bring future possibilities for further collaborations. We thank Magda for her work in creating this exhibition, in difficult circumstances caused by Covid-19.

The exhibition presents visual art works by 18 authors from 13 “Newcastles” in South Africa, Australia, USA, Japan, England, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, Latvia and the Czech Republic plus two authors from host city Nové Zámky, Slovakia. Here you can see contact details for all the artists –

In addition, summary information about each artist has been posted on the links below in english, slovak and hungarian.