Herceg Novi, Montenegro – Passport

Herceg Novi in Montenegro is taking part in our free Passport scheme. Each Newcastle city has carefully selected a series of special offers just for visitors. Read on for details of these offers.

Exclusive Passport Offers

We have arranged the following exclusive offers with participating local businesses and tourist attractions. To access these offers you must provide ID and a bill that shows your own home address, to demonstrate you are a Newcastle resident.

All Newcastle passport holders have free admission to the Mirko Komnenovic’ City Museum.

Free entry to City Museum “Mirko Komnenović”

The Homeland Museum in Herceg Novi, the foundation of Mirka and Olga Komnenović, is located in a warm corner of the city, near the house of the Noble prize winner Ivo Andrić and only around forty steps from the sea.

Mirko Komnenović, formerly the mayor of Herceg Novi, spoke 4 world languages, and his knowledge and experience gained abroad were imbued with love for our city. It was noted that as the Mayor he visited the city every day, to check whether all citizens and guests would be welcomed into a clean and hospitable environment. Komnenović contributed to the development of Herceg Novi and through the project of building a famous hotel “Boka”, a botanical garden in the park with the same name, and as a city endowment, he left his house which, with his will, became the City Museum, at its ceremonial opening of 1953.

The house was built at the end of 18th century in the late baroque style. The appearance has been changed with 19th-century pseudo-baroque extensions and additions. The City Museum preserves the historical, archaeological, ethnological collection, and a collection of icons. The work of the Boka Kotorska icon-painting school Dimitrijević-Rafailović from Risan, which existed in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, has been preserved and whose icons highlight the influence of Byzantine art. One of the most important is the icon of the apostle Tom from 1833, recently proposed to be categorized as a cultural asset of national significance.

The historical collection follows the history of Herceg-Novi and the wider area since the establishment of the City in 1382. The archaeological collection consists of artefacts from the period of prehistory, antiquity and early medieval times, among which are amphorae and parts of ship cargo originating from all Mediterranean countries during the domination of Old Greece, Rome and Byzantium, as well as fragments of stone decorative plastics from the 9th-11th century. The Ethnological Collection contains items from the tradition and culture of this region and the wider area of ​​Boka. It commemorates the lives of people, both in the surrounding villages and in the city itself, and is supplemented with valuable items brought by seafarers from all over the world and donated to the Museum.

After satisfying your desire for art and history, in the beautiful botanical garden of the museum, surrounded by rare plants, you will enjoy the amazing view of the sea, thanks to the unselfish desire of spouses Mirka and Olga Komnenović to open the door of their home, after their death, to all good-natured visitors.


If you have any queries about these offers, your visit, please contact:

Name: Emilija Knežević

Email: emilija.knezevic@hercegnovi.me

Telephone: +382 31 323 044

Address: Opština Herceg-Novi, Trg Maršala Tita 2, 85340 Herceg Novi

Weblink:  www.hercegnovi.me