Jaunpils, Latvia – Passport

Jaunpils in Latvia is taking part in our free Passport scheme. Each Newcastle city has carefully selected a series of special offers just for visitors. Read on for details of these offers.

Exclusive Passport Offers

We have arranged the following exclusive offers with participating local businesses and tourist attractions. To access these offers you must provide ID and a bill that shows your own home address, to demonstrate you are a Newcastle resident.

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1. Jaunpils medieval castle

Jaunpils castle is one of the rare medieval castles, which have preserved its historical look. Jaunpils castle was built in 1301 as Livonia Order fortress and more than 350 years the palace was inhabited by the von der Recke family.

Nowadays the castle is the centre of Jaunpils social life. The picturesque landscape and social life folklore is a background for sideshows for tourists. Together with monks, jesters, lords of the manor and servants tourists have the chance to become a real medieval hero in a romantic seventh century-old castle.

20% discount for accommodation at the castle

The hotel is located in the most ancient residential part of the Knights’ castle. While the baron is away, the guests can choose for their overnight stay from a selection of the baron’s apartments, cosy double rooms and economic, multi-bed rooms.

Free entry at Jaunpils museum

Jaunpils Museum is located in the most ancient residential part of the Knights’ castle. The exhibition hall of the Museum displays models of the Livonian Order castles – Jaunpils Castle and Dobele Castle, as well as weapon and armour replicas, archaeological fossils and a collection of coins.

Holiday package “Landlord’s holiday

The antiquity and grandeur of the knights’ castle never fails to astonish its visitors, creating an atmosphere of a whole other era. Everyone is sincerely welcomed to experience the magic of the ancient castle in the role of a Baron and Baroness.

Package includes:

  • One day accommodation in one of the Medieval apartments: Baron, Baronesses, Medieval or White room with the breakfast at the medieval tavern
  • Medieval Monk feast eaten by hand or wooden spoons in the dinner
  • Excursion around the castle with the Keeper of the Keys and cannon shot
  • Medieval costumes rent
  • Castle museum and exhibition hall visit
  • 20 % discount for 2nd night accommodation

Package price is from € 125 – € 155 per 2 persons.

Contact information:

Office – +371 6310 7082, +371 2610 1458

Hotel, accommodations: +371 2944 2539

E-mail: viesnica@jaunpilspils.lv , info@jaunpilspils.lv


Address: Pils, Jaunpils, Jaunpils Municipality, LV-3145

Please give the following code when booking to access this discount: Newcastle passport

2. Meet the Mayor of Jaunpils

We can arrange a meeting with the mayor of the municipality in the city hall – the Chairwoman of Jaunpils Municipality Ligita Gintere. You can also get to know facts about Jaunpils together with Head of public relations and tourism department Baiba Rasa.

3. Jaunpils House of Crafts

Explore the secrets of Latvian crafts with Weaving expert Velga Pavlovska.

Jaunpils Weaving Workshop has 16 looms, including a functioning pulley and shaft looms and the famous Viļumsons’ loom in the preparation process. The workshop also exhibits the finished works of members. The works of Jaunpils weavers have been appraised by the experts of the field, featuring their linens and patterned mittens in the Decorative Folk Arts Exhibition of the XXV Nationwide Song and XV Dance Festival.

Guests of the House of Crafts are introduced to the traditions of weaving and the craft itself and the cultural heritage of Latvians both daily and in thematic events. Visitors can book an excursion programme, where they will be introduced to weaving, its history in Latvia, types of looms and the process of making fabric.

In addition to the excursion, there are also various master classes for children and adults. A special experience is a wedding excursion in a truly Latvian spirit, during which you will see a traditional dowry of a bride, spin threads of love and receive a gift for a harmonious life together before departing on your way.

Please book your excursion in advance by calling to +371 28301408 or +371 26101458.
Contact information: Jaunpils House of Crafts, phone: +371 28301408

4. Make your own souvenir!

The society “7 Balles” runs two workshops for both children and adults.

Each visitor will be an opportunity to learn: to saw off and paint self-created puzzle theme, create your own unique wooden car and mastering the wood painting, pour out his special candle and create a windmill, reflective objects, etc.

When all workshops will be done, every visitor has the opportunity to shoot with a bow and enjoy the walk in the labyrinth.

Address: “Graudiņi”, Strutele, Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads,

Tel:: 29211988, email. biedriba@7balles.lv


5. Welcome to Knight School

According to stories, Matthias “Thies” von der Recke brought 300 Swedish prisoners of war to Jaunpils after the Salaspils Battle of the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648). He employed the prisoners by making them build a stone wall with a tile roof, which the locals today refer to as the Swedish Wall. Part of it still stands today.

Behind the wall you will find Niedru lija Medieval Farmstead, which offers attractive medieval entertainment: archery, crossbow shooting, hatchet and spear throwing, coining and much more. Here anyone can try on a knight’s armour, pick up a sword and take a photo sporting a war hatchet and a helmet.

Niedru lija Medieval Farmstead offers thematic programmes: Knight School for tourist groups, Knight’s Wedding for newlyweds, Medieval Sports Games for companies and other offers available off-site too.

Address: Niedru lija Medieval Farmstead

Tel: +371 26336513 Email: info@viduslaikos.lv Website: www.viduslaikos.lv

6. Special Newcastle taste


Jaunpils Beer

Local brewery “Jaunpils beer” offers excursions, tasting sessions and degustations.

Tel: +37126328281

Email: info@jaunpilsalus.lv

Jaunpils Diary


Cheese and milk products

Dairy tradition is an ancient and stable in Jaunpils. The company commenced its activities in 1912, which demonstrates its length of experience.

Address: Special shop, Jaunpils, Jaunpils novads LV-37145


7. Explore the countryside


Farmhouse “Rogas” is a biological farm. The farm engaged with dairy livestock production and preparing cottage cheese, butter, cheese and products from colostrum.

Household Special offer-“Pienu ēdu, pienu dzēru, pienā muti nomazgāju” (Milk ate, drank milk, milk mouth washed) waiting for any visitor! Hostess offers visitors a tour around the farm. During the visit to the country house “Rogas” it is possible to get acquainted with butter churning, cheese making, cheese cooking ancient recipes. It is a pleasant activity for both children and adults because in the end there is also a tasting. Before the visit to both families and groups must sign up, so the hostess can prepare all the necessary materials. All products are also possible to buy.

Contact: Veronika Smirnova + 371 29199848,

Address: “Rogas”, Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads

8. Slow walk into nature


Ancient Latvian castle mound (considered such) was inhabited by Zemgale natives in 10th–13th century. Its dimensions are 55 x 80 m with a 7 m high embankment on the southern part. According to one version, this is the Babote mentioned in the Livonian Rhymed Chronicle, because this is the only castle mound with an embankment between Dobele and Kuldīga.

Kartavkalns (The Hanging Hill) Hill was named after the gallows, which Matthias “Thies” von der Recke ordered to erect 300 years ago to scare away plunderers. The barons of Jaunpils ordered to plant a larch avenue and beeches on the hill. Tales and legends refer to this place as the location of the Old Castle.

Nowadays it is a picturesque landscape object with nature trails of various types and difficulty. Here you will find a model of the ancient wooden settlement and an observation tower with a view to the centre of Jaunpils. There is also a picnic place with a campfire spot!

A bicycle road leads from the town centre to the observation tower on Kartavkalns Hill.


If you have any queries about these offers, your visit, please contact:

Name:  Baiba Rasa, Head of Jaunpils and Viesatu Parish Administration.

Email:  baiba.rasa@jaunpils.lv

Telephone: +371 20204694

Address: „Ērģelnieki”, Jaunpils, Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads, LV-3145

Weblinks:  www.jaunpils.lv