Neuchâtel, Switzerland – Passport

Neuchâtel in Switzerland is taking part in our free Passport scheme. Each Newcastle city taking part has carefully selected a series of special offers just for visitors. Read on for details of these offers.

Exclusive Passport Offers

We have arranged the following exclusive offers with participating local businesses and tourist attractions. Follow the links for more information about each offer.

Restaurant/cafe/bar offers

Photograph by G. Perret

  • 10% off plus a small gift at Chocolaterie Walder
  • A Chocolatissimo gift at Confiserie – Chocolaterie Wodey-Suchard, Schmid or Mäder
  • Ongoing discussions with different restaurants and hotels
  • 10% off each purchase at Coutellerie des Halles (Swiss Army Knives)

Walking/guided tours

Photograph by G. Perret

Special visits to buildings/cultural attractions

1st photograph by Vincent Bourrut

  • Free Entrance in the City’s four museums (Jardin botanique, Musée d’histoire naturelle, Musée d’art et d’histoire, Musée d’Ethnographie)
  • Half price on all cruises on Neuchâtel’s Lake and possibility to have a drink with the shipping company’s director

Exclusive offers

  • On prior request possibility to meet with City Councillors and/or to visit official buildings

1st photograph by G. Perret


If you have any queries about these offers please contact:

Name: Lena BRINA



Top 5 attractions in Neuchâtel

  1. Laténium, park and museum of archaeology

From the Ice Age to the medieval times, the museum takes the visitor 50,000 years back in time. Thousands of finds are on exhibit, such as those from the prehistoric lakeshore villages and the world-famous weapons of the Celtic civilization. It is set in an archaeological park on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel.

  1. Panoramic funicular railway La Coudre – Chaumont

Just 5 minutes from the town center, the funicular railway La Coudre – Chaumont takes you to an original ride up to an altitude of 1,000 m in less than 10 minutes. The panoramic tower located at the arrival offers a stunning view of the Three Lakes and the Alps.

  1. Guided visits “Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque”

Discover the treasures of the old town of Neuchâtel, either with a guide or by yourself (individual visit available from spring 2017). You will enjoy ten new experiences in relation with Belle Epoque : What you they eat at that time? How would they dress? What would they play at?  Far more than a traditional city tour, this new visit brings an interactive touch while staying educational.

  1. Cruises on the Three-Lakes

One of the best ways to discover the beautiful Three-Lake region. Aboard one of the nine boats of the navigation company, you will enjoy a gorgeous landscape between Neuchâtel and Morat, for example.

  1. Art and History Museum and Jaquet-Droz Automatons

Presentation of three incredible androids dating the 18th century and real ancestors to the modern computers.