Nyborg, Denmark – Passport

Nyborg in Denmark is taking part in our free Passport scheme. Each Newcastle city has carefully selected a series of special offers just for visitors. Read on for details of these offers.

Exclusive Passport Offers

We have arranged the following exclusive offers with participating local businesses and tourist attractions. To access these offers you must provide ID and a bill that shows your own home address, to demonstrate you are a Newcastle resident.

1. Get a 10% discount on a guided tour at Nyborg Whiskey Distillery

Come and visit a real whisky distillery on a guided tour through copper stills, whisky casks and beautiful aromas. A guided tour of Nyborg Destilleri gives you a unique experience and insight into how we make our organic whisky, gin and rum. After the tour, you get to taste one of our lovely products.

2. Free access to the local museum 

Visit the old Merchant’s house, Borgmestergården. Borgmestergården has a collection of local historic interest in a well-preserved merchant house from the Renaissance. The exhibition contains furniture from the 15th and 16th centuries, a room furnished in peasant style, tools from different artisans, toys, a watchmaker’s and a house painter’s workshops, a veterinary chemist’s, school room, collection of weapons etc.

3. Try on a medieval costume

Try on a medieval costume made by the local costume makers at Borgmestergården. Anne-Berit, one of the costume makers, says: “We make the clothes because we think it is fun to watch people wear it – we get so excited!” It is possible to try on the costumes on Fridays from 10 am-12 noon, and you can also take a photo of yourself, with the costumes on in the beautiful and historical Merchant’s house.

4. Rent a free bike

Rent a bike for free for one day, including a free water bottle. With a bike, you can easily come around in Nyborg. Nyborg offers beautiful nature, historical buildings, a stunning coastline, the world’s third-largest suspension bridge and lots more. So you are guaranteed a great experience.

5. Get a free VIP trip around a gothic church, the Church of our Lady and the church tower

Queen Margrethe I. had the Church of our Lady built as a monument to the Kalmar-union. The church was inaugurated in 1428 and has been expanded and restored several times. Today it stands as a classical gothic church and a significant landmark in Nyborg. Get a free VIP-trip and see the beautiful church within. https://www.visitnyborg.dk/ln-int/vor-frue-kirke-nyborg-kirke-church-gdk613320

6. Get a 50% discount on a boat trip with the historic schooner Fionia

Take the historic schooner Fionia, which is the Latin name of the island Fyn, for an amazing boat tour on Nyborg Fiord and into the Great Belt. From the harbour in Nyborg you sail through the scenic fiord passing the Holckenhavn Castle and the peninsula of Knuds­hoved. Here you meet the Great Belt Bridge – a truly great building and an engineering marvel. It is probably the biggest building in Denmark, and holds many records. The trip takes about 3 hours.

Top 5 Attractions

  1. Nyborg Castle, Royal residence and Parliamentarian Centre in medieval times (closed until 2023 due to renovations)
  2. The Great Belt Bridge, the third-longest suspension bridge in the world
  3. The historic town Centre in Nyborg with its cobblestone streets and merchants houses.
  4. Holckenhavn castle and Glorup manor, where you can see and experience the beautiful gardens and see the historical buildings from the outside.
  5. Sulkendrup Mill, an old water mill from 1425 that back in time was an important part of the food shipments to Nyborg Castle.


If you have any queries about these offers please contact:

Name: Sanne Hoffensetz Andresen, Head of Tourism.

Email saha@nyborg.dk
Phone number +45 6333 8090
Weblink www.visitnyborg.dk