The Newcastles Passport for Visitors

Your Passport to the Newcastles of the World jpegWHAT IS THE NEWCASTLES PASSPORT?

The Newcastles Passport scheme promotes tourism and friendship between Newcastles around the world. Each Newcastle taking part has carefully selected a series of special offers just for visitors from other Newcastles. These could be a customised programme if the visitor has any special interests – places to visit or people to meet, or special discounts from local businesses.

Visitors sign up for a free ‘Passport’ through our website, then get in touch with the Newcastle they wish to visit. Each Newcastle is committed to offering a personalised touch, with a warm and friendly welcome to anyone living or from an affiliated Newcastle.

Exclusive offers include:

The latest promotions are shown on each Newcastle page taking part in the Passport scheme, follow links above or the map links below.


All the Newcastles involved are highlighted on the map below. Just click on the red pin and follow the link to each page to find out what special offers are on.


Sign for your Passport here then contact the Newcastle you wish to visit (details on each page). Take the Passport with you on your visit to show participating businesses which will have stickers in their window, along with proof of address to show you are a Newcastle resident*.

Thanks for taking part and enjoy your travels!


*Please note these special offers are only open to visitors to each Newcastle and are not available to residents of those cities. Thanks for your co-operation.


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