Newcastles of the World

There are more than 100 different “Newcastles” or New Castles” around the globe, in many different countries and in many different languages. “Newcastles of the World” connects citizens and groups from the Newcastles for friendship, for cultural, educational and business exchange, and to share experiences and ideas.

One thought on “Newcastles of the World

  1. Wish Newcastle Upon Tyne all the best in your 2012 Summit. I’m Mr T T Phakathi from South Africa in Newcastle . We had a successful summit in 2010 in SA especially the opening ceremony was perfect and wish you the same. All the delegates wish them the best in their stay in London. I won’t be able to travel to your summit but our hearts will all be with you . Wish our cultural exchange programme to be successful and sustainable. Good luck

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