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Newcastles of the World Newsletter Christmas 2019 and New Year

Newcastles of the World Newsletter - Christmas 2019 and New Year

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The Georgians and the Geordies !

The Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne is hosting  a reception this Friday 11th in the civic centre Silver Gallery for the Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia in the UK and for a party of Georgian charity walkers who are doing a coast-to-coast walk to raise money for Georgian and UK charities including a contribution to Diabetes UK, the Lord Mayor’s charity.
The Ambassador, Tamar Beruchashvili (formerly Foreign Minister in the Georgian Government) will be visiting Newcastle University to explore opportunities for collaboration with higher education institutions in Georgia.
She will then be the guest of the Lord Mayor when she will speak of her hopes for strong links between the UK and Georgia and specifically between Newcastle upon Tyne and Akhaltsikhe.  Akhaltsikhe is the “Newcastle” in Georgia and is part of the Newcastles of the World group. And people from the Newcastle upon Tyne area are known as the “Geordies”.
Representatives from Newcastle upon Tyne have twice visited in Akhaltsikhe, in 2010 and more recently in 2017 when the party included eight students on the Newcastle University Folk and Traditional music course, who played at the annual cultural festival of Akhaltsikhe in their castle.
One of the champions of promoting links between Newcastle and Georgia is former Newcastle United footballer (and former Georgian national coach) Temuri Ketsbaia who – with his wife Katarina – keeps in touch with the activities of Newcastles of the World, and is supportive.
800px-Tamar_Beruchashvili_(cropped) (2)

Newcastles of the World Newsletter – September/October 2019

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Newcastles Newsletter 28 Sept – Oct 2019

Chers amis – Voici la nouvelle édition de notre bulletin d’information – 12 pages d’actualités, de reportages et de photos provenant de plusieurs de nos différents “Newcastles”. Nous espérons que vous apprécierez le lire et le partager avec vos propres réseaux si vous le trouvez utile.


Shinshiro wins International Exchange Award !

The City of Shinshiro has received national recognition in Japan for its international relations commitment and programmes with the award of the 13th Annual International Exchange Commendation of the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications. The International Exchange Commendation, sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), awards original and creative regional internationalisation initiatives between sister cities. Shinshiro was commended for 20 years of its active involvement with the Newcastles of the World Alliance. The award ceremony was held recently in Tokyo.

In honour of this commendation, a panel exhibition reflecting on the 20 years of the efforts and achievements of the Newcastle Alliance is being held at four venues in the city from June 10 to August 18.

The Award Review Board commented, “The idea of creating an international alliance based on the name of a municipality is not only unique, but to have the alliance expand to 17 cities in 15 countries, to include a division for youth, and to have a business fair is extremely multifaceted. Not only have administrative bodies have been part of the planning process, but residents and organizations have taken an active part, allowing us to feel its even greater expansion.”

Shinshiro Mayor Ryoji Hozumi said: “The City of Shinshiro would like to thank all the member cities, the Executive Committee of Shinshiro, sponsors, organisations, and the citizens of all of our Newcastles who supported the Alliance over the years. Together with all the members of the Newcastles of the World Alliance, the City of Shinshiro would like to continue to foster and strengthen international exchange activities in the areas of culture, tourism, education and business.”

Neuchâtel’s Blue Man is waiting to visit other Newcastles !

Dear Friends in our Newcastles all over the world,
At our recent conference in Shinshiro it was agreed that we do more “to promote exhibitions among the different Newcastles”   Now Neuchâtel (Switzerland) offers other Newcastles the opportunity of welcoming an exhibition from The Blueman, an artist living in their city.
After travelling and meeting people through the world (Europe, Russia, Japan, Senegal, Sweden, Canada, USA, Thailand, India, Mexico and other countries), Blueman this year celebrates his 20th anniversary. See the attached document and Blueman’s website (<> ) to learn more about Blueman and its project.
To commemorate this anniversary Blueman (with the help of private and public sponsors) has decided to create an exhibition offering both a look back on 20 years of intercultural meetings and an interactive opportunity to create new links between people, cities, countries and continents.
This exhibition is  created in the form of a tent shaped like a giant blue being. It will be inaugurated in September 2019 in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). The project is to let this exhibition then travel to other Newcastles considering the Alliance as a natural network for Blueman. This should happen at the end of 2019 and during 2020.
The tent would stay for about 15 days in every city. Blueman will personally perform during the 2 or 3 first days of the exhibition. Portraits taken in the different cities will enrich the exhibition during his trip and thus create a link between the different cities.
What is expected from the cities hosting the exhibition?
–          NO financial participation
–          to provide an outdoor space for the tent (the tent is 11 meters wide / 18 meters long)
–          to provide the electrical installation required for the exhibition
–          to ensure the safety and protection of the tent during the exhibition
–          to provide a team to take the exhibition down
–          to promote the exhibition.
If you are interested please send the contact details (email and phone) of a person in charge of this project for your city. In addition, it would also be useful to let us know if you have a time of year that you would prefer. Please contact Daniel Veuve at the City of Neuchâtel with this information or if you need to know more.
With kind regards from Blueman!
Daniel Veuve
Chargé de mission du Conseil communal
Faubourg de l’Hôpital 2 | CH-2000 Neuchâtel
T: 032 717 75 05 | M: 079 653 44 53 | F: 032 717 71 09