Newcastles of the World – Digital Art Exhibition in Nové Zámky

It has been necessary to make some changes to the brief for the exhibition of work by artists from our partner “Newcastles” in the Newcastles of the World alliance.

This will now be an exclusively digital art exhibition – that is only art that uses digital technology for the creative or presentation process, also variously known as computer art, new media or multimedia art. So, for example they could be in digital photography, digital film/video, animation, digital graphics and poster art, pixel art, electronic/computer music, digital installation and conceptual art, digital/computer-generated painting, even digital poetry. Film/video and other time-related submissions should run for no longer than 15 minutes please. Sorry but it’s not possible to include original paintings, drawings, prints, or reproductions of them, in the exhibition.

Entries by 30 September, please – send a link to your submission to

Please click here for the full brief –

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