Neuchâtel – Chocolatissimo!

Neuchâtel chocolate is in the spotlight for a whole week, with the first of a new Festival, called Chocolatissimo, from November 1 to 8 !

It’s a whole week dedicated to chocolate with tasting sessions, displays, music, workshops, even theatre!

chocolatissimo_WEB Choc






“This project embodies the determination of the City Council to be proactive in promoting tourism in Neuchâtel,” said  Olivier Arni, Leader of the Council.  Chocolatissimo promotes the rich history of chocolate in Neuchatel, and our many excellence confectioners and chocolatiers. Brands such as Wodey-Suchard, Walder and Schmid have great products and are valued and special ambassadors for Neuchâtel”

Click to access Chocolatissimo%202014.pdf


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